Nurturing Your Child’s Human Design

Every child is born into this world with a unique purpose and strong potential but also with an ability to hear and know their intuition. Over the years many children are not taught to listen to their inner knowing, are conditioned by society, schooling, family, friends and more and they begin disconnecting from their true self. Thank you for being a parent who wants to give their child the capacity to live as they are meant to. Honestly, if each child on the planet was given this encouragement the world would be a different place.


Getting to know your Child’s Human Design can help you to:

  • Understand the unique energy, gifts, strengths, vulnerabilities, struggles, communication style and needs of your child.
  • Discover how to parent your child to tap into their potential and minimise difficult life experiences.
  • Teach your child practical ways of working with their strengths and weaknesses in ways that will empower them.
  • Support yourself in knowing how to encourage your child’s design but also learn what you need for yourself in the relationship.
  • Give your child the gift of being able to live as themselves, move in flow with life and have positive life experiences.


As I have worked for the past 15 years with so many adults wishing to reconnect with themselves I am just so passionate about helping children, from a young age, to get to deeply know and understand their purpose and true potential so that in adulthood they will have a lived experience of flow and goodness.




Nurturing Your Child’s Human Design

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