Your Child’s Human Design Chart & Written Report

Get your Your Child’s Human Design Chart & Written Report!


As you begin on your path of understanding your child’s Human Design in more detail, getting to know the foundations of their chart is a really great place to begin.  It allows you to be gentle on yourself and go at your own pace as you uncover the design and personality of your child and also how to support you and your child best.


I have written these reports to give you a better insight into:

  • Your Child’s Energy Type: What their unique energy is and how they need to use this; and how you can support them to use it in a way that they need.
  • Your Child’s Strategy: What their specific strategy is, for their energy type, which you can use to guide them on the best way they can make decisions and take action in all areas of their life.
  • Your Child’s Inner Authority/Intuition: Where in the body they hold their specific inner authority/intuition, how to hear/feel this and how to use it best. What a wonderful gift you will give them as you teach them to practice this.
  • Your Child’s Profile Lines: The conscious and unconscious aspects of their personality and their gifts.
  • Your Child’s Definition: How they process information and also how they relate to others in their lives (friendships, siblings, family etc.)
  • Your Child’s Signature Self & Not-Self Themes: Who they are when they are living as themselves and in flow; and who they are when they are not living as themselves.


Upon purchasing this report you will be receive a downloadable PDF by email quite promptly.  I really hope it helps you to understand your child’s human design more and to help them to live their purpose and potential.

Caroline x