Business Human Design Written Report

Get your Business Human Design Written Report!


As you begin on your Human Design journey and learn all about the gifts, skills and abilities you could bring into your business, getting to know the foundations of your chart is a really great place to begin.  It allows you to go gentle with yourself as you uncover the specific elements of your unique design and get to understand how you can bring these into creating and growing your business. I believe it is a great idea to integrate these aspects into your business through your awareness and then through practicing it.  Making things feel simple and easy from the start, whilst also acknowledging how your own design guides you to make that happen. From today, take in all of this information in a way that truly suits you and that resonates with you and your business goals.  There is no pressure with human design.


I have written these reports, specifically from a business perspective, to give you a better insight into:

  • Your Energy Type: What your unique energy is and how you can use this in your business (e.g. are you here to be a worker bee or do you need more down time than others).
  • Your Strategy: What your specific strategy is, for your energy type, which guides you on how best to make decisions and take action in your business, so that you can experience more recognition, clients/customers, fine tune your offerings/products etc.
  • Your Inner Authority/Intuition: Where in the body you hold your specific inner authority, how to hear/feel this and how to use it best when creating new ideas, marketing, price points etc.
  • Your Profile Lines: The conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality and your gifts. These can be so helpful in knowing the successful aspects and pitfalls that your design can cause in your business.
  • Your Definition: How you process information and also how you relate to others in your life. This is very helpful for building customer/client relationships that will enhance your business and not decrease your business.
  • Your Signature Self & Not-Self Themes: Who you are when you are living as yourself in your business and who you are when you are not living as yourself in your business. When you feel on track and when you feel off track.


Upon purchasing this report you will be receive a downloadable PDF by email quite promptly.  I really hope it helps you to understand yourself, be kind to yourself and help you to live your purpose and potential.

Caroline x