I am passionate about helping you to understand yourself deeply and empower you to live exactly as you are meant to.

My wish is to guide you to go within to understand, honor and value yourself fully. I want to create a sacred space for you to ground your energy, release the pressure you put on yourself and to take gentle steps to uncover your pathway to your purpose and potential.


Using your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth (accuracy is important for a clear reading but approximate will suffice, if your time of birth is unknown) I can guide you to:

  • Know what your personal design and energy type is, how this impacts your life and how to work with it to experience life improvements and flow.
  • Learn how to hear and listen to your unique Intuition; and where that is in your body.
  • Understand how to come out of your head and instead be led by what feels best for you.
  • Learn the conditions in life that do not support your specific type and bring you into your ‘not self’; and how this negatively impacts your life.
  • Teach you the best decision making and action taking strategy that will work for you.
  • Understand how the energy of others and the energy of the world affects you daily.
  • Learn how to honor your true self and create, and live by, a strategy that will keep your life in flow.
  • De-condition from old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck or having difficult life experiences.
    This system is hugely beneficial for your relationships, career, business, finances, communication, parenting and more.


Enjoy downloading your free chart above for yourself, family and friends.


Caroline x


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